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Model Village, a distant dream

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Model village scheme was floated to develop neglected and undeveloped villages of the country. The project was designed to ensure high quality institutional arrangements for professional governance and to overcome development challenge by adopting a well-coordinated bottom up approach. This programmee will demonstrate the methodology for use of application resources to achieve the highest possible outcome. The Millennium Development Goals may serve as the useful framework to capture the status and direction of the development. Inter alia, these goals can be applied to the village setting to measure the pace of the progress. And more than 4 lakhs government employees are involved in the state in implementation of the programmees. But in reality the promise of all round development of model village didn’t reflected in ground.  And the scheme has been limited itself to paper files only.

According to the scheme, 347 villages were selected in 314 blocks of the state.  And developmental planning was done for 32 villages.  Special core committee was constituted in 247 blocks in the state for the project.

After receiving the letter from the State general administration in the 9 blocks of Sambalur district 12 villages were selected for the scheme. And special core committee was constituted in 9 blocks. Later on state government shifted the project to Panchayatiraj department. Now the model village project is in cold storage.

The lists of selected villages are, Panchputa, Rasiapali, Labdera, Aamkuni, Tablei, Jampali, Kurlabahal, Gudesingha, Putiapali, Salesingh, Khunti.

Information revealed from Maneswar block office that fund has not been released for this project.

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