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Complaint filed against unfit beneficiaries

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Complaint has been filed against unfit beneficiaries for having ration cards in Sonepur. Tapaswini Guru, the Municipal Council Executive Officer has filed complaint against 10 persons having illegal ration card.   The complaint list includes 3 councilors and 1 former councilor.

As per the information received, Shibaram Nayak, Village Tikarpada Councilor (Word No7) Subashini Pandey, Shantilata Meher of Patabhadi, Basanti Behera, Talpada Coucilor (Word No 6), Subarna Guru, former councilor ( Majhipada), Swagatika Meher councilor Majhipada (Word No 11), Sudeshna Mahapatra of Ghodaghat Pada, Basant Putel of Majhipada, Gitanjali Nayak of Kusthapada, Dhanistha Thanapati of Ghodaghatpada etc are involved in holding illegal ration card.

Likewise, after the complaint of the Sonepur BDO, Aniruddha Pradhan, the Sonepur police have filed case against 11 non eligible ration card holders.

It may be noted that still 7113 are deprived of National Food Security Act. Still poor people not receiving the benefit of the ration card scheme.

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