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Youths of Kapasira request to increase water flow of the canal

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The Swami Vivekanada Youngster Club, Kapasira is drawing attention and requesting the local administration to kindly provide them required support to increase the water flow in canal so that village ponds can be filled.

Due to water scarcity in our village ponds, childrens, housewives and aged persons are suffering a lot to take daily bathe. Because of this, they are   facing inconvenience as they go on foot to river Ang for bathing which is about  1 & half  k.m away from our village .As you know that the summer season is in its full swing and water deficiency will continue for more 03 months, Keeping in mind the potential upcoming bad situation we have planned to fill water in our village ponds to get rid of this. Point to be noted that during last khariff season farmers were struggling for Paddy corps .There was potential drought situation in our village and to prevent the drought like situation farmers used the water of these ponds.

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