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‘we are also paying tax’ resonates Satyagrahis for the rights of Kosali

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Kosali Kriyanusthan Committee launched indefinite Satyagraha demanding rights of Kosali language. The committee is demanding inclusion of Kosali in 8th Schedule, affiliation of Kosali with Kendra Sahitya Academy, primary education in Kosali, and official language of the state.

In his speech, Saket says, the people of western Odisha are also paying tax like the people of costal Odisha but only the language and culture of costal Odisha is patronized by the Odisha government.

The Satyagraha is spearheaded by the Coordinator of KKC, Saket Sreebhushan Sahu. On the first day of the satyagraha many cultural organizations like Aasa Sachetan Hema led by Rajkumar Sahu, Budasambar Sanskrutiki Anusthan led by Rajendra Kumar Mohanty, etc participated in the satyagraha. Apart from many poets and writer like Kailasha Kumbhar, Bhagbana Mallick, Dillip Sarap, Ballaba Sahu, Debashis Meher, Seshadeb Meher etc from the region joined to support the move.

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