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Vigilance raid on PEO at Kantabanji

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Vigilance has raid on the house of Muribahal and Gudighat PEO Sudhir Chandra Thakur.
Vigilance has raid at 6 places at a time. The rented house at Kantabanji and paternal houses have been raided. E Sambalpur DSP, Bargarh DSP are present at Knatabanji raid along with 11 other officers.

Complaint was filed against Sudhir Chandra Thakur for having property valued more than his income. In his Kantabanji house papers are under investigation. Apart from this a two stair building at Balangir, a duplex bunglow at Mahabir Residency at Kantabanji worth Rs 29 lakh, another two stair building at Kantabanji has been found.

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