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Tug of war between Prasanna and Prabhas for Bijepur

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The internal conflicts in BJD is widening up in Bijepur constituency. As the conflict widening up, the developmental work in the area is getting hampered.

The tug of war between Rajya Sabha MP Prasanna Acharya and Lok Sabha MP Prabhas Singh has started for MLA ticket of Bijepur.

Prasanna Acharya did have the MLA ticket of BJD in last election but got defeated with a narrow margin of 500 votes from the Congress candidate and standing MLA Subal Sahu.

Prasanna Acharya must be feeling alone, sidelined from the power corridor. Many political posts were vacant but he was not offered any. BJD supremo Naven Patnnaik did not rehabilitee the illusive politician for a while. WODC Chairman was allotted to Kishor Mohanty who lost Jharsuguda. Snehangini Churia who is considered as the opposite camp of Acharya group in Bargarh BJD was offered a cabinet ministry. Prasanna Acharya was kept aloof for at least 2 years from Bhubaneswar.  He must be feeling irrelevant. His political career was in stake. Finally he persuade for the Rajya Sabha member.

Now he is challenged by Lok Sabha MP Prabhas Singh of his own party. Prabhas Singh is an example rare political phenomenon. He was in a clerical post in State Museum. He is not a politician having own network or group. He own in the name of the party and Naveen Patnaik. He was totally new in the grass root level and so facing challenges while visiting the field. That is the main reason behind his failure in delivering and utilizing the MP lad fund.

After spending and visiting places he must have got idea about people of his party. Sources said, he is no more interested for MP ticket because BJD has no role in the centre. BJP is getting stronger and no chance for any ministerial berth in the centre. He is eying for the MLA ticket of his home constituency, Bijepur. If he get MLA ticket and won the seat then he would lobby further for a ministerial post. That is the idea.

Bijepur MLA ticket is a question for Prasanna Acharya and winning is another.

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