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Sympathy Vote Vs Hawa Vote

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Now it is final that the family of Subal Sahu is going to join BJD.  This was confirmed by Sumeet Sahu, son of Late Subal Sahu yesterday in a press conference. They are also demanding MLA ticket for Rita Sahu, wife of Late Subal Sahu from BJD.  They are going to join BJD at Naveen Nivas on 23rd September with a numbers of huge supporters.

The joining of Subal Sahu’s family in BJD will entirely change the political equation of Bijepure constituency. It is for sure that few of his followers from Congress will also join BJD and few present BJD will segregate them.

After the demise of Congress MLA Subal Sahu, position of Congress in the constituency is very measurable. Though there are many names who can lead it yet it seems a non-challenging party for the time being.

It seems BJD is going to field Rita Sahu as the BJD candidate from the constituency to capitalize the sympathy votes in the name of her husband Subal Sahu. The joining of Sahu family in BJD is a master stroke from Labour & Pension Minister Sushant Singh. All credits to his capability of persuasion and negotiation. Though BJP had negotiated but failed. Now days, Sushant Singh is considered the most powerful in Bargarh BJD. He has won the confidence of the CM many a times. This is another instance. In Bargarh BJD, the Acharya’s are not so strong. Prasanna Acharya has been kept outside of Bargarh politics and slowly lost the organizational network. His nephew Debesh Acharya is confine to his constituency, Bargarh. So the CM has expressed confidence on Sushant Singh who was gifted ministerial berth recently. This interprets many things, first, silencing the most mischievous Prasanna Acharya who once stated, he should be the CM of Odisha if Naveen would not been the son of Biju Patnaik.  So Naveen Patnaik is keeping him out of the corridor. Secondly, this will provide a fresh leadership to BJD in Bijepur when in fight in the constituency is high. Thirdly, it closed the doors for Ashok Panigrahi towards BJD.

But a big question arising here will the learned educated voters cast their vote for sympathy or development? Is Rita Sahu, a housewife capable of leading the people of Bijepur ? Or she will be another Tukuni Sahu ?

Now let’s discuss on the position of BJP a bit. BJP in overall gaining momentum in the state. Regularly mobilizing the cadre and posed a threat to the ruling party. In Bijepur the organizational set up is systematic but there is no acceptable leading figure. None of the names in the expectant list are any charismatic or mass leader who can pull a personal vote around 15-20 thousand. BJP may be looking someone who is having a credibility to pull that sum and add to the so called Modi Hawa to challenge the opponent.

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