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Sorrow of a teacher trainee in Odisha

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The salary of a primary teacher in Odisha is Rs 5200/-. To become a primary teacher you have to go through the journey of a painful road. First one has to appear the CT entrance test. After qualifying the CT entrance examination, they will undergo the CT training for 2 years and 6 months. After passing the CT training, there is no job. Again you have to appear the OTET eligibility test. But again there is no immediate job after the eligibility test. You have to wait for 2-3 more years to get the job vacancy. Further when the advertisement will be published for job vacancy it will cover a few districts only.

Recently the government published advertisement to recruit SS teacher for 22 districts only. The recent recruitment advertisement will employ only half of the eligible unemployed. The remaining halves of the eligible teachers are unaware about their future. Apart from this, after going through such a difficult phase one cannot get a job in his own district. He has to travel to some 400 KM to get Rs 5200/- monthly.

But just calculate the benefit of the government from it. Every year more than 300000 candidates appear for CT entrance test. Rs 200/- is charged for examination fees. (Total Rs 60000000/-) Secondly the government conduct OTET examination twice and more than 90000 candidates appear every time. Each candidate pays Rs 500/- as examination fees.  (90000X500= Total Rs 450,000,00/-)

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