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Saline not available in Burla hospital

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Saline is not available to the patient of Burla hospital. Recently the Junior Doctor Association has brought another sensitive issue to the fore.  But the medical authority could not have assured when the issue will get diffused.The Junior Doctor Association (JDA) has been continuously fighting for the causes of the Veer Surendra Sai Institute of Medical Sciences and Research.

When a patient is admitted in the medical; generally he is given this life saving drip.  It is his minimal rights. But the biggest health care centre of western Odisha is not providing it to the patient. The patients are purchasing it from the market.

As per the sources, 26000 saline packs are available in the store house of the medical. But due to the negligence of the Odisha State Medical Corporate patients are deprived from getting saline. Odisha State Medical Corporate has supplied saline but the quarantine certificate needed for it is not provided by the corporation. Therefore the medical authority is not able to provide saline to the patient.

When the JDA learned the matter, a delegation led by JDA President Shankar Ramchandani met the Chairman of the medical, Prof. Brajamohan Mishra regarding the saline issue. The JDA has demanded to diffuse the issue as soon as possible by contacting the corporation.

It may be informed that, due to the negligence of the OSMC, patients and the hospital are facing many difficulties. The patients of Burla hospital are not availing the ECG test.

Further the OMSC is providing medicine of low expiry in large quantity whereas not providing the requisite urgent and useful medicines and machineries.


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