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Rural housing schemes are delayed in Sambalpur

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Rural area housing scheme, to provide concrete house to poor people below poverty line, have failed to achieve its target in Sambalpur district. Pradhan Mantri Jan Awas Jojana and Biju Pakka Ghar projects have been launched. Pradhan Mantri Jan Awas Jojana is a centra scheme where as Biju Pakka Ghar is a state scheme. But due to negligence of the administrations and machineries the beneficiaries are not getting the houses in right time.

The most of the complaint received are about delayed in construction of the houses. Complaints are also received for sanction of the bill in late. Still about 3000 houses are in under-construction process from the total sanctioned house projects in Sambalpur district.

The government gave them the work order to construct Biju Pakka Ghar or Pradhan Mantri Jan Awas Jojana but the delayed work has dragged them into trouble.

According to the information from the government sources, in the Indira Awas Jojana or recently renamed Pradhan Mantri Jan Awas Jojana in 2013-2014 target was set to construct  4045 houses, but 3618 have been complete and 427 are incomplete. In 2014-15 targets was set to construct 4190 projects but 3777 were completed and 413 are incomplete. In 2015-16, target was set to construct 4289 project but 3013 were completed and 1276 are still incomplete.

In Biju Pakka Ghar Jojana, in the year 2013-14 target was set to achieve 544 projects  but 463 were completed and 81 could not been constructed. In 2014-15 target was to complete 958 house but 834 were completed and 124 were still incomplete.  In 2015-16 target was 2012 houses and only 1392 were completed whereas 620 are pending incomplete.

Further, this delay was discussed at the vigilance monitoring committee meet of Jilla Parishad. Membre of the Jilla Parishad expressed their concern over the issue but as there is no time frame to complete the project, it is bothering all.

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