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Ration card beneficiary locked panchayat office at Petupali, Bargarh

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Ration card beneficiaries of Petupali Panchayat, block Sohela, and district Bargarh have locked the panchayat office in protest.

The family members of the beneficiaries are agitating since 30th May and locked the panchayat office in protest.

As per the received information, the families are very poor to poorest class people. They had applied many a time for the ration card but they were not availing the card. But people of above poverty line in the village have got the card. The kith and kin of Panchayat GRS Manoj Meher have got the card. This is illegal.

Mahendra Rohidas, Binod Raoutia, Basanti Patel, Suruchi Bhue, Malati Bishi, Anita Routia, Astami Majhi, Kamala Bhue, Jashobanta Majhi, Alekh Majhi, Premananda Bishi, Chandrama Giri and many families of the village have threatened to continue the agitation till they are not getting their cards. The agitators are also demanding to cancel the illegal cards.

Further, the agitators have informed the Sohela BDO, Biswajit Mahapatra, Supply Assistant, Sarpanch and PEO. But the agitators haven’t got any positive result. They are suspecting dealing under the table.

Aagain, apart from this the BDO, GRS, Sarpanch, Supply Assistant all are throwing the ball to other’s court and engaged in mud-slinging. Indirectly they are distracting the issue.

Now the villagers are demanding that the district collector should look into the matter and avail the cards to real beneficiaries. Also the collector should investigate all the card holders of the village and scrutinize it.

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