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Preventive Healthcare_Introduction

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Many diseases can be prevented. Most current health care systems are based on treating acute problems. Testing, diagnosing, relieving symptoms and expecting cures are hallmarks of current healthcare.  The present system is expensive and not very effective. Prevention is always better than cure. When patients are provided with information and skill to reduce health risks, they are more likely to stop using tobacco products, to practice safe sex, to eat healthy foods, and to engage in physical activity. Communicable diseases like Flu, TB, Leprosy, HIV-AIDS and Venereal disease like gonorrhea, syphilis are significant problem in India. Large number of children dies every year from dehydration secondary to diarrhea. Heart disease, diabetes, and cancers are also major public health problems in India. Use of tobacco products in various forms (pan, biri, cigarettes) and intake of alcohol especially among the poor are major problems. Even though under nutrition is a huge problem in India, not surprisingly obesity rate is also slowly increasing among the well to do.

Please act today, exercise daily, eat right and avoid tobacco products of all kinds.

“Only 1 person in 10 dies out of old age. The rest commit what I call slow suicide by smoking, drinking, taking drugs being promiscuous. I plan on living to be 200. If you are smart, you can, too.”

Millar Quartes, Age 83


Dr Saheb Sahu, FAAP, MPH.

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