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Bhagbat Padhan the octogenarian dance guru needs due recognition

Bhagbat Padhan, the octogenarian dance guru of Kumbhari village is waiting for the due recognition for his devotion in establishing a classical dance form ‘Sabdanrutya’.  Sabdanrutya has evolved and widely…

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Letter Submitted to Speed up Proposed Irrigation Projects in Bargarh District

Noted social activist and youth leader Saket Sreebhushan Sahu urges the Chief Minister of Odisha Shri Naveen Patnaik in a letter to speed up the scheme / programme which will…

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Caste Discriminations in India_Dr Saheb Sahu

Yaksha asked Yudhishtira, “Who is a Brahman? One who studies the Vedas, or one who is born a Brahman? Yudhishtira answered, “Neither. The true Brahmana is he whose life is…

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Saket urges CM to establish nursing school in Bargarh

Youth leader Saket Sreebhushan Sahu in a letter to Chief Minister Sri Naven Pattnaik has demanded to establish nursing school in Bargarh. The noted social activist from Bargarh has explained…

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Smartcards for smarter payments: Improving state capacity in Andhra Pradesh

Across the world, developing country governments spend millions on anti-poverty programs and subsidies, yet this money often does not reach the poor. Funds can be diverted by corrupt officials, and…

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What You Should Know About Sickle Cell Disease

What Is Sickle Cell Disease? Sickle cell disease (SCD) is a group of inherited red blood cell disorders. Healthy red blood cells are round and they move through small blood…

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Child and healthcare need to develop a new perspective to tackle malnutrition

It is good to know that the national nutrition week is being celebrated all over the country. It is all the more important for Odisha as the state is grappling…

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Government should adopt a uniform approach towards compensating employees

Recently the state government decided to implement the recommendations of the 7th pay commission in the state which will benefit nearly 8 lakh employees and pension holders of the state….

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Government has to ensure educational and healthcare infrastructure in tribal society

Having remained at the margins of development due to lopsided development models and an insensitive administration, a section of tribals in Odisha of late have started to become economically empowered…

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Be Kind to All_Dr Saheb Sahu

No act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted. -Aesop (620-564BCE) The best portion of a good man’s life, His little, nameless, unremembered acts Of kindness and love. -William Wordsworth…

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