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Odisha’s Udayagiri neglected

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Udayagiri is one of the important Budhist places of Odisha. But the Archeological Survey of India is neglecting it. It has carved a niche for itself in the Budhist tourist spot among the triangle Lalitgiri-Ratnagiri-Udayagiri. It is surrounded by natural beauty and historical monuments. Now it is in bad shape due to lack of preservation and conservation of the site.

The ASI spends lakhs of rupees for preservation and conservation.  As per the information, the site was excavated for the first time in March 1987 by ASI and found a Buddha Mahavihar of 45 ft in length and wide. This is a rare relic of 8-9th century.

The second excavation was carried on in 1998.  At that time Singhprastha Mahavihar and rare Chaitya Grihamandal was found.  After that, no excavation has been carried out. Many relics have been covered with black polythene from the attached site of Mahakal temple. Now, Singhprastha Boudhavihar is in dilapidated condition. The wall of the structure may collapse at any time.  But at the same time lakhs of rupees are spent every year for the preservation and conservation of the site.

As per the departmental information, Rupees 10,97,766  in the year 2005-2006,  Rupees 11,17,343 in the year 2006-2007, Rupees 65,005 in the year 2007-2008, Rupees  3,91,121 in the year 2008-2009, Rupees  7,44,313 in the year 2009-2010, Rupees 8,41,380 in the year 2010-2011, Rupees  12,10,388 in the year 2011-2012, Rupees 5,47,008 in the year 2012-2013, Rupees 1,63,809 in the year 2013-2014, Rupees 20,79,687 in the year 2014-2015 has been spent.

Further, more than 1 crore has been spent in the last ten years to preserve the Buddhist monument but the relics are mingling with the dust day-by-day. The local says the mentioned expenses were confined to the papers only and no money has been spent on the site.

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