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‘Make Kosali as state language of Odisha to avoid bifurcation’

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The Satyagraha for rights of Kosali reached in its 5th day. All the Satyagrahi assembled at Buromunda firmly demand for Kosali as the state language of Odisha. If the government wants to avoid bifurcation of the state then immediately it should recognize Kosali as its official language, says Saket Sreebhushan Sahu at Satyagraha.

Currently, notices are given in the villages of western Odisha in Odia. Not very literates understand the full implications of these notices. Civil servants from other areas who do not even have rudimentary knowledge of Kosali language cannot communicate with citizens, thus resulting in miscommunication. Out of 29 states, 15 have more than one official language. Out of 7 union territories, 6 have more than one recognized language. In a democracy, freedom of expression is a fundamental right of the citizen. Good governance requires efficient communication between the citizens and the government. In this context, Kosali language should be recognized as the official language of Odisha along with Odia. This will facilitate governance in western Odisha which is educationally backward and affluent with adivasis.

The Satyagraha was attended by comic poet Debendra Sahu, Rajesh Karia, Nabin Bag, Adhikari  Sa, Jadumani Sahu, Kedarnath Sahu, Gajpati Sahu etc.

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