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Jamutpali mega lift, hope for six villages

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Jamutpali village is under Gaisilat block of Bargarh district. A mega lift irrigation project is underway in this village on Ong River.

A total of 174 numbers of Mega Lift Irrigation Project have been Identified through field visit, across Odisha for Khariff supplementation of 2,14,270 hactare. The Mega Lift Irrigation Projects are divided under 15 clusters. According to the feasibility report, proposed Jamutpali Mega Lift Irrigation project comes under cluster III.

According to the pre feasibility report of proposed Jamutpali Mega Lift Irrigation scheme; it will have 2 motor pumps of 900 Horse Power capacities. It will irrigate 1200 hactare land of Jamutpali, Kendubhata, Halankanasi, Southkhandi, Changhria, and Grindolmal villages. The proposed project will use the water source of Ong River at Jamutpali. According to the inspection report of the proposed Jamutpali Mega Lift Irrigation scheme, the type of soil in the area is sandy clay. Rainfall averages at 1148.86 Mili Metre in the area. Paddy is the main crop in the Khariff season while wheat, groundnut, and vegetables are grown in Ravi season.

According to the feasibility report provided in 2011, the government shown green signal to the project.

Tender was invited for the projects on Ong River, Bheden River, and Hirakud water reservoir. Further it was invited in EPC style. The contractor was needed to complete the project within 30 months from the undertaking of the project. The contractor is also liable for the maintenance of the project for 5 months of the functioning of the project.

The tender for cluster III includes mega lift irrigation projects in Bargarh, Sambalpur, Balangir and Jharsuguda district. Tender was invited for 19 projects for 24,020 hectare lands.

In this tender process Ms. Larsen & Turbo Ltd got the projects with lowest bid of 514 crore  89 lakh.  In the Cabinet meeting of dated 30.01.2015 projects of cluster III were approved and sanctioned Rupees 514 crore 89 lakh for implementation of the same.

The projects are in halfway. Hope it will fulfill the dreams of the local farmers.

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