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Health service not available in Jharsuguda

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Health services are not available in Jharsuguda and the district hospital is in mess. The common men of Jharsuguda are deprived of basic medical facilities.

The district of 6 lakh population has got 6 ambulances.  This is insufficient. The industry affluent district reports so many accidents every day.  When people call for ambulance, the vehicle is not available. Mainly, demands for more ambulance are there in Lakhanpur block, Brajarajnagar, Bandhbahal, Belpahad etc.  Many issues are surfacing in carrying the patient in private ambulance. The ambulance service in the town hospital and need of more doctors has created panic.  The functioning of the town hospital is in question.  In the hour of need it is not capable of admit and treat a pregnant woman. There is no doctors for surgery neither there is any proper facilities for operation.  In the last 67 days total 212 pregnant women have been shifted to private nursing homes and Burla hospital.  Not only there is lack of facilities and doctors at Jharsuguda government hospital but there is lack of bed to admit patient.  Patients are found resting on the floor of the hospital. Even people have brought cots with them for the patient.  These situations are bringing out the real pictures of the health services in Jharsuguda government hospital.

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