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Green revolution in Bargarh

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Aiming green revolution in Bargarh, three mega lift irrigation project has been sanctioned by the state government in Ambabhona block of Bargarh district. Work of these projects has been started. 125 crore has been estimated for these 3 sanctioned mega lift irrigation projects. These projects will irrigate about 10,000 hectare lands of 42 villages in Kharip season and about 4,000 hectares in Ravi season.

As per the information available, 90 % people of Ambabhona block depends on agriculture. According to the 2011 census report population of Ambabhona is 65,587. The block consists of 11 panchayat and 103 revenue villages. Out of the total 22,373 hectare cultivable land only 3,303 hectare agricultural land are facilitate with irrigation which is 15.65 % of the total land.

Further 63 hectare land is facilitates with irrigation through lift irrigation and 160 hectare land gets irrigated through deep bore well projects by 2015. Another 2,080 hectare land is irrigated by different water resources with small and medium irrigation projects.

The 3 mega lift irrigation project will cover up to 5-10 KM from the Mahanadi river site. Chikhli, Tamdei and Antradi villages have been selected for the mega project.

The cost of Chikhili mega project has been estimated with 53 crores. This mega project will irrigate lands of Chikhili, Ganthiapali, Bhainatara, Sampali, Salhepali, Narangpur, Kanthipali, Bhukta (part) etc villages.

The mega project at Antaradi has been estimated with cost of 33 crores. This mega project will irrigate Antaradi, Kapashira, Bairagipali, Satidarha, Ghuguripali, Behera, Arjunda, Bad jampali, Kushmuda, Banjipali, Bugbugi, Budhipali, etc villages.

Another mega project at Tamdei has been estimated with cost of 39 crores. This mega project will irrigate lands of Tamdei, Bungapali,Lether, Launsara, Karimuli, Ramkhol, Uttam, Udheipali, Lelehar, Chandipali, Paruabhadi, Lakhanpur, Hatikhoja, Tileimal, Gourpali, Babebira, Banjipali, etc villags.

These 3 mega lift projects will ensure irrigation in the backward Ambabhona block of Bargarh district and may hopefully create a green revolution in this part.

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