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Farmer suicide in Odisha figuring 3500 in 15 years

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Farmer suicide in the state is another piece of infamous news which has drawn national and international attention for Odisha in recent time.

In Odisha, around 3500 farmers have committed suicide over last 15 years, says government report. Government has also admitted that in the running financial year, some suicides are due to crop loss. But no suicide is the result of farmer loan or loss in the cultivation.

According to the information, the total numbers of farmers committed suicide are 3439.  In 2004 maximum 379 farmers committed suicide in Odisha while in 2014 the number was 102.

The Agriculture Minister of the State had given order to investigate regarding the information of the farmer suicide in October 2015.  According to the investigation, in the year 2015-2016, total 174 farmers had committed suicide.  But according to the report, no farmer commits suicide due to agricultural loan, or crop loss due to drought.  In some cases, the cause of farmer suicide is not known. But the list of farmers provided by the Agriculture Minister shows that farmers committed suicide have lost crop from 40% to 90 % .

According to the report of the Ministry, out of the total 174 farmers, 9 farmers committed suicide due to mental pressure, 38 farmers committed suicide due to family dispute, 11 farmers committed suicide due to diseases, 6 farmers committed suicide due to drinking of alcohol and 93 farmers have not committed suicide due to crop loss, and the reason of suicide of remaining 18 farmers are for unknown reasons.

In Odisha 61.80 lakh hectares lands are suitable for agriculture. In the last Kharif season, 59.62 lakh hectare and in the Ravi season 21.94 lakh hectares lands were cultivated.

In the kharif season, 14.82 lakh hectare lands in 29,077 villages in the state were affected due to drought. Apart from this, in the whole state about 5.54 lakh hectare land was not cultivated.


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