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Farmer and paddy procurement saga

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Farmer of Chaunrpur RMC, Goshala, and Charpali yard area are unhappy with the published farmers list. The farmers had demanded all lists till 12th. The concern CSO has informed to send all lists with in 3days to registered yards of the farmers.

In another development paddy is harvested 35-40 quintal per acre. But the administration has notified to procure 32 sacks or 24 quintal paddy per acre.

As per the information, a meeting was held at Goshala market yard, presided by Chittaranjan Mahattam.  The gathered farmers have given a memorandum to ARCS demanding declaration of procurement of 35 sacks paddy within 13th of this month. Otherwise the farmers will come-down to the road for agitation.

Farmers from different villages had brought paddy to the market yard but the farmer registration list was not proper. According to the registration and paddy selling law, at 663 farmers should sell paddy at A. Katapali society by 8th May 2016. But due to the error in registration list only 410 farmers name are there.  Likewise, only 144 names are there at Kardola society whereas 677 farmers have registered their names. And at Chaunrpur name of 25 farmers are mentioned in the list whereas 512 farmers had registered there.

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