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Child health at stake in Sambalpur

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Maternity and Child Care Centre inside the town hospital campus of Sambalpur was inaugurated by the Chief Minister on 27th February 2016.  For the inauguration ceremony of the newly constructed rooms were well decorated. The centre was dazzling like a private nursing home. But the centre is closed since its inauguration. Child health services of Sambalpur and its nearby area is in stake.

For this project, 8 crores 98 lakhs has been spent. The child health centre is facilitating with 50 beds. This new centre would have solved many problems but it has increased the problems of Sambalpur. Without creating infrastructure, only the room with board has been inaugurated hastily. No technical facilities and equipment available at the centre. Neither any human resource is available to take care of the centre.

National Rural health Mission (NRHM) is managing the newly constructed centre. And as per the information, tender is out to purchase necessary equipment for treatment and provide health service. Equipment worth of more than 50 thousands will be purchased by the Health Department and less than 50 thousands will be purchased by district unit.

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