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Major World Religions(III)_ Dr Saheb Sahu

Christianity Jesus and His world Jesus (4BCE-30/33CE), also known as Jesus of Nazareth and Jesus Christ, was a Jewish preacher and religious leader, who is the central figure of Christianity….

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Major World Religions(II)_Dr Saheb Sahu

Brief Summary of Major Religions Abrahamic Religions Judaism, Christianity and Islam, trace their lineage to the tribal patriarch Abraham, and are called Abrahamic religions or Abrahamnism. Judaism was founded around…

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Major World Religions_Dr Saheb Sahu (1)

Religion is a particular set of beliefs and practices.                                                                                                                                            World Council of Religion Introduction Fear as Lucretius said was the first mother of the Gods. Primitive life was beset…

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How Women Came to be Considered Inferior to Men?

by Dr Saheb Sahu “To prove women’s inferiority, antifeminists began to draw not only, as before, on religion, philosophy and theology, but also on science, biology, experimental psychology and so…

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Business Tips For Rural Entrepreneur

Today villages of India are rapidly growing with population and so demands of consumption are also increasing. Villages are well connected with roads. Slowly villages are turning into semi urban…

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Natural Wonders of the World_Dr Saheb Sahu

Here are some interesting facts about our Earth Planet Earth was formed around 4.55 billion years ago. Life on Earth probably originated 4.25 billion years ago from precursor chemicals. The…

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US Visa for Study and Work_Dr Saheb Sahu

Passport A passport is a travel document usually issued by a country’s government that certifies the identity and nationality of its holder, primarily for international travel. Visa A visa is…

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Education in the United States_Dr Saheb Sahu

Brief History Government supported and free public schools for all began to be established in America after the American revolution of 1776.  Between 1852 and 1917 many states in USA…

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Importance of Girls’ Education_Dr Saheb Sahu

“An illiterate person is that much less equipped to defend herself in court, to obtain a bank loan, to enforce her inheritance rights, to take advantage of new technology, to…

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Caste Discriminations in India_Dr Saheb Sahu

Yaksha asked Yudhishtira, “Who is a Brahman? One who studies the Vedas, or one who is born a Brahman? Yudhishtira answered, “Neither. The true Brahmana is he whose life is…

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