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VSS medical college Burla needs updated radiology equipment

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VSS Medical College, Burla is the prominent hospital of the state and precisely of western Odisha. It caters health service to 6 crore people of Odisha, Chattisgarh and Jharkhand which is one of the most backward regions of the country. Majority of the population live under below poverty line and the patient are destitute, BPL card holder and tribals. Around 4000 people visit the hospital in a day and thousands utilizes the Radiology services. Radiology is the backbone of any hospital and modern treatment. The state government has failed to provide the equipment to the department. And so the Radiology Department not been able to provide complete service to the poorest people as it lacks high end machines.

Presently the college runs with a 15 year old single slice CT scanner, two 19 years old X-ray machines and USG machines. Sources are saying that the hospital badly needs equipments like MRI-1.5 Tesla, CT scanner-128 slice, 500 ma X-ray machines-2, HD USG with elastography probe-2, Hd USG with colour doppler-2, Digital Substraction Angiography-1, PACS system-1,
Digital Radiography machine -1 etc to provide better health service to the patients.

But as the necessary machines and equipment are not available at the radiology department the Burla Medical has failed to deliver to its destitute patients. And the poor patients have been forced to depend on the private centres paying five times more outside the campus. Sources revealed that VSS Medical College authorities have drawn the attention of the state government many a time to provide the required equipment but the government has acted like unheard and ignored the demand and no action has been taken till date to fulfill the demands of Radiology Department. The poor patients have been forced to pay high bills to the private centres which have created mental agony to them. It has also affected the medical students in their learning process.

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