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Book on history of Kosali literature goes viral

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Eminent Kosali language author and activist Saket Sreebhushan Sahu released his researched based book “Kosali Sahitya Ra Itihas” on 7th April 2017. Since its online release on social media via his blog, the links are been widely circulated and more than 1000 downloads has been reported throughout the globe.

Author of the book, Saket says, the compilation work for the book started in July 2012 and released on 7th April 2017.  Yet few sections of the literature need to be discussed more elaborately. The book is very important from the point of view of recognition of Kosali language. Further it will help researchers in their works.

This book discusses about the evolvement of Kosali literature since time immemorial. It discusses how the language has been impacted by different rulers and various castes have amalgamated their own culture while migrating to this region. The author claims Charyagiti as the first written literature of Kosali, though Charya literature is considered as first literature of Bengali, Assamese and Odia. Importantly the book also discuss about tribal poet Juga Das as Aadi Kavi or first poet. A chapter in the book thoroughly cites the rich and robust folk tradition which is integral part of Kosali literature. The Kosali literature of colonial era is startling. There is a very short gap between publication of Odia and Kosali writings. In the post colonial era, all section of the literature has swelled and enriched the treasury of Kosali language.

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