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Bijepur Political Warmth Breaking the Social Media

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CBI has become active all of a sudden in Odisha again. MLA Prabhat Biswal has been arrested with link to chit fund case. The name of Prasanna Acharya, former Health Minister, has surfaced in electronics as well as print media linked with chit fund case.

Now Bijepur bye-election is on the corner after the demise of standing Congress MLA Subal Sahu. The two major parties, BJP and BJD have started their campaigning. Though the election commissioner has not declared any date for election neither notified about the bye-election. But the warmth of the bye-election can be felt on social media and on the ground and media.

Prasanna Acharya was the BJD candidate from Bijepur and loose to Subal Sahu with a very low margin of 458 votes. Now he is a Rajya Sabha MP.  Before coming to Bijepur he was an MLA from Rairakhol and prior to that MP of Sambalpur. As his elder brother was fielding himself from Bargarh he was fielding himself out of Bargarh. Though he was kept distance from the Bargarh politics yet he was regularly keeping information of Bargarh from his network.

Prasanna Acharya is a big figure than his elder brother Ananda Acharya and considers a major political character in Bargarh politics. But he never share a good rapport with many leaders of his party like former minister Bijay Ranjan Singh Bariha, Minister Snehangini Churia, Minister Sushant Singh, Rohit Pujari, AU Singh Deo etc and many more.

In last general election, sources say, he was engaged in to defeat many of his party leaders from Bargarh but he himself got defeated.

Again people discussed that he was instrumental in defeating standing MLA of Bijepur Ashok Panigrahi of his party BJD and made Subal Sahu won from Congress.  In fact Subal Sahu was an MP nominee of Prasanna Acharya and he joins Congress leaving BJD.

Keeping his political mischief in account BJP now don’t want to take risk.  BJP wants to neutralize him. And his involvement in the chit fund case has become a viable reason to give him a jerk.

Prasanna Acharya in chit fund

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