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The ODISHA WATCH.IN’s mission is to maintain an independent, non-partisan journalistic programmee dedicated to producing and encouraging explanatory and investigative journalism in Odisha, engaging in collaborative reporting efforts with Odisha news organizations and educating journalism students.

We see investigative reporting as the Centre’s main focus. Our Centre informs the public so that it can be armed with the knowledge necessary to play its role in a democracy. The Centre and its highly motivated journalists are imbued with the investigative mentality and solely dedicated to the public service mission of our profession.

The Odisha Watch is developing a network of partners for collaboration and distribution of stories.

Executive Director-Editor Saket Sreebhushan Sahu is the principal executive officer of the Centre, the primary contact with the Board of Directors and the public face of the organization. The executive director-editor networks with journalism leaders and potential funding sources, raises funds, hires and develops the staff, oversees the editing and production of the Website and edits all major explanatory and investigative stories.

We wish to hold public officials to high standards, assist regional and local news outlets in Odisha in the production of independent investigative and depth journalism, and provide an intense and meaningful educational experience and training for young journalists.