February 2017 – Odisha Watch

Conclusions_Dr Saheb Sahu

Social change does not happen without struggle. As pointed out by Saul Alinsky, The haves want to keep and the have-not wants to take. Nobody gives up power and privileges…

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Communalising Population Growth: Understanding Demographic Data

The biases and misconceptions about conversions and population growth have been used by communal forces to divide the society. This became apparent once again when Minister of state of Home,…

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Success and Failure _Dr Saheb Sahu

“TAHRIR BROUGHT TEARS to any eyes”, says Ahmed Salah. Salah, a veteran of youth organizers, had worked for years to drum up resistance to the autocratic thirty-year regime of Hosni…

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GMA urges to stop construction of barrages on Ganga between Allahabad and Haldia

In a letter to West Bengal Chief Minister Ms. Mamta Banerji, Convener, Ganga Mukti Aandolan, Anil Prakash urges and seeks support to the cause of saving the Ganga basin which…

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Presented by Saket Sreebhushan Sahu, at a seminar organised by SAMVAD,  Date: July 24th 2016, Place: Punjabi Bhawan, Ludhiana, Punjab Introduction Kosali is an ancient language and it is one…

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BMC election thrown up unpleasant yet interesting challenges

The result of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) elections has thrown up unpleasant yet interesting challenges at the Congress and Shiv Sena. Congress in particular is in a big dilemma whether…

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ON DEVIPRASANNAS by Prof Kesha Ranjan Pradhan

I am obliged to write about the recent statement made by Deviprasanna Pattnaik, noted linguistic and diehard enemy of Sambalpuri/Kosali language in a seminar in New Delhi. He is for…

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Make Odisha bi-lingual

Recognize Kosali as official language of Odisha stateand make Odisha bi-lingual, demands Kosali Kriyanusthan Committee on the occasion of International Mother Language Day jointly celebrated by Campaign for Language Equality…

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Language activists focus on constitutional rights of the ‘non-scheduled’ languages

We, the representatives of Campaign for Language Equality and Rights (CLEAR), Bhartiya Bhasha Samooh and Maithili-Bhojpuri Academy, collectively uphold the demands of various language communities in India to provide their…

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The Discipline_ Dr Saheb Sahu

Nonviolent campaign’s discipline consists of two components: (1) adhering to the broader strategic plans for the struggle and (2) refraining from violence. Maintaining persistent nonviolence discipline is critical to the…

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