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Child Mortality in Odisha and India

Authored by Dr Saheb Sahu, FAAP, MPH. Definition of Terms Neonatal Mortality Rate – Number of deaths of children under 28 days of life per 1,000 live births. Infant Mortality…

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Business Tips For Rural Entrepreneur

Today villages of India are rapidly growing with population and so demands of consumption are also increasing. Villages are well connected with roads. Slowly villages are turning into semi urban…

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Natural Wonders of the World_Dr Saheb Sahu

Here are some interesting facts about our Earth Planet Earth was formed around 4.55 billion years ago. Life on Earth probably originated 4.25 billion years ago from precursor chemicals. The…

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How to Create a Successful Market for Kosali Book

Today book business all over the world has declined due to many reasons. Only educational books like books related to different competitive exams etc are on sale. Book reading is…

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Kosali in Post Colonial Era

In the post independence era, the socio-political scenario of the country was changing rapidly. Printing presses were available in western Odisha. Writers were trying new theme. The naked reality of…

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Mission 120 Falling Down From Bijepur

The by-poll bound Bijepur constituency is getting warm day-by-day.  BJD has already declared its candidate as Ritarani Sahu and BJP is projecting discarded former MLA from BJD Ashok Panigrahi. Folks…

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Kosali in Pre-Independence Era

Printing press came to Odisha in 1838 and publications of magazine and periodicals started in 1861. In 1891 a Kosali poem by poet Madhusudan appeared in Sambalpur Hiteishani edited by…

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US Visa for Study and Work_Dr Saheb Sahu

Passport A passport is a travel document usually issued by a country’s government that certifies the identity and nationality of its holder, primarily for international travel. Visa A visa is…

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Education in the United States_Dr Saheb Sahu

Brief History Government supported and free public schools for all began to be established in America after the American revolution of 1776.  Between 1852 and 1917 many states in USA…

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BJP slip down its position in Bijepur

BJP National President Amit Shah to the grass root BJP workers all wants to see BJP wins the Bijepur bypoll. Many a time the senior leaders have quoted that BJP…

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